Implementing ayurvedic practices

Ayahuasca diet recommendation is an essential part to any retreat. Many people leave their ayahuasca ceremonies with a new appreciation for the temple they have been given in this life, their body. Your body is the vessel where your beaming spirit materializes under proper care. Ayurveda is not about having the “best” physical body, but having a balanced system.

During retreats the entire mind, body and spirit are reset using ayahuasca. This is a strong cleanse of the system and not to be continuously repeated. After an ayahuasca journey, you understand you are what you eat and in order to maintain the balance you must be conscientious.

Ayurveda teaches everything consumed is converted into energy and by eating clean energies you emit a stable energy free of anxieties, depressions, angers, compulsive disorders and more.

Did you know eating copious amounts of hot sauce, peppers or high fructose corn syrups can cause anger issues? There are different recommendable foods for the different body types Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

During our ayahuasca retreats we are able to answer any questions you have on finding your ayurvedic type and what clean foods you can begin eating. The more time you spend eating healthy the better the teachings of the medicine and the balance you achieved will be concreted into your physical and spiritual self.

Can you smoke cannabis with ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca Cusco – Power struggle refers to two people in a relationship fighting about who is in control, with both trying to dominate the relationship in one way or another. Switch out power for plant and you have the definition of the problem in using ayahuasca and marijuana together.

Cannabis is a master plant. Master plants are the most intense of plants, the strongest of medicines and do not always combine well. In the case of cannabis, it works in a far different manner than ayahuasca. The shamans describe it as a plant with two faces. One face, the happy face, makes you feel good, relaxed, silly, etc. On the other face, it can cause anxieties, depression, compulsiveness, paranoia, mood swings, etc. The spirit of the plant is wavering depending on the person and for this reason it does not go with the ayahuasca.

It is recommended if you are going to insist on using marijuana in the future, to do this in a personal ceremony. Give thanks to the spirit and make it a special moment, even a small ceremony. Using this positive intention you are more likely to get positive results from the plant.

Santo Daime, the well known brazilian ayahuasca church, does not support using cannabis in ceremonies or outside of them while practicing with ayahuasca.

While marijuana most certainly has important medicinal uses and more, it is necessary to respect the master plant and its power. Any master plant used outside of its intended purpose is not recommended.

Humble advice for returning home after your retreat.

Ayahuasca Cusco – Upon your re-entry into the modern world you may find yourself with a higher level of sensitivity to everything. How does one cope? Implement the teachings into their hectic lives? Or should you go find a house in the woods and hide forever?

You may find yourself in sudden shock when you step on or off the plane, after being in mother nature’s bosom and thoroughly enjoying it. Many of us have been in your shoes and have dealt with it better and worse.

Keep your calm. It may sound easier than it is. You can maintain this new glow you have and still function in the “normal” world. Remember the meditations you were taught and remind yourself if you can spend X amount of hours on the computer or on your phone a day, you can most certainly find time to meditate. Make the time and you will find it. Get up a little earlier if you must and listen to the relaxing music of tibetan bowls or native flute while sitting quietly or sit in silence. You know what to do. We will remind you, this needs to be done in a quiet place and not while doing anything else, like driving. Not to mention if you have a particularly hectic commute, give yourself extra time. Life is not meant to be rushed and rushing around all the time is not life.

Speaking of those X amount of hours find time to exercise to reduce stress levels. Not to mention keep reading from our reading list! If you still cannot find peace, maybe there is a bigger change you need to make. With your new understanding of yourself and life you will know if this is the case.

All in all you can, with faith and persistence, keep the teachings of ayahuasca working in your life. If you are struggling or need advice on your aftercare, please contact us, we are full of ideas. A better you makes for a better world and we are here to help.