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Ayahuasca Retreat Peru – Icaros are medicinal songs sung by the shipibo tribe of the Amazon. They are similar to prayers, with melodies full of love and compassion, they are the energy that brings wisdom, connection and healing.

The songs are born from the deepst heart of healers, taught from master to disciple, Icaros are improvized from dreams or visions the shaman recieves during the learning process and after.

First, the melody appears as light airy whistles, then gradually the Icaros manisfest into ancient song. The shamans call on the spirits of other shamans to help sing. These songs are to cure the patients, focusing on what they need, whether that be protection, healing, love or harmony, maybe even a few put together.

When experiencing the Icaros one must stay focused, relaxed and flow with the ancient tunes to recieve a greater connection with the medicine. These songs are comparable to the Mantras of the Oriente because Icaros healing is also done on the astral plane, with vibration and intention.

-by Shaman Pacco

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