11 Day Ayahuasca Retreats

A deep interwoven plant healing, meditation and yoga practice. Mother nature gives us in abundance everything we need to flourish as human beings. At this retreat we look inwards practicing forms of meditation to connect us with ourselves and the field or life force around us. We work with plant consciousness to liberate your mind, body and spirit and complimentary shamanic practices to the teachings of ayahuasca. We use complementary shamanic meditations from the continent to look inwards and prepare ourselves for the future. San Pedro as a compliment to bring forth a deeper healing and appreciation for the pachamama or mother earth. Kambo therapy is used in this experience to remove toxins stored in the liver and completely realign the chakras. We have incorporated yopo as well, for those wishing to deepen their experience and for anyone who may have trouble connecting with plant spirits this medicine from the jungle ensures a connection. There are always compassionate and helpful assistants and healers on the grounds to ensure safety and positive flow of energy. Our location is remote and free of the sounds, energy waves and lights of the city, you can see the stars shine brightly at night, listen to the animals in the trees and relax absorbing the sun and fresh air during the days.

  • Day 1: Departure to Centre (5 PM) - Amazonian Cleanse - Retreat Introduction
  • Day 2: Fast - Consultation - Holotropic Meditation - Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Day 3: Breakfast - Consultation - Lunch - Temazcal - Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Day 4: Breakfast - Consultation - San Pedro Quest - Hike and Meditation - Dinner
  • Day 5: Breakfast - Reiki Level 1 - Lunch - Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Day 6: Breakfast - Kambo Treatment - Lunch - Dinner - Night Meditation
  • Day 7: Breakfast - Hike - Lunch - Meditation - Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Day 8: Breakfast - San Pedro Quest - Hike - Meditation - Dinner
  • Day 9: Breakfast - Holotropic Meditation - Lunch - Reiki Self Treatment - Dinner
  • Day 10: Breakfast - Lunch - Temazcal - Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Day 11: Breakfast - Conversation - Return to Airport or City Center by (12 PM)
  • *Yopo ceremonies are included at the decision of the participant and the shaman, for those interested extra Kambo treatments may be added. If you would like to take less ayahuasca you may rest instead.
  • Reiki Level 1

    We are offering Reiki Level 1 Attunements as an integrative therapy and healing technique for our guests. Many of the teachings of reiki align well with the teachings of ayahuasca. To give you the best experience possible we feel it is important to instruct you on a skill you may return home with to continue on your healing path. Our in house Reiki Master is Chrissy and she uses Usui Reiki method.


    We are an hour out to the sacred valley of Cusco and here you can hear the birds sing and see the stars shine bright at night. The bedrooms are shared, two to a room, unless private accomodation is requested at an extra charge. We do separate between male and female guests. The space is Andean designed and there are hot showers. The ceremony room is open during the day for meditations, as well as the outdoor space. This is your home while at the retreat and you will have everything you need.

    The Diet

    We continue to practice the ayahuasca diet during the retreat. Many of our participants are suprised at the delicious meals made on this diet. Maybe we will have to do a cookbook! Peruvian favorites we use are quinoa, kiwicha, sautees and smoothies. It helps that all of the fruit and vegetables we use are fresh and organic. There will be hearty and soothing meals with Peruvian flavors to sustain your energy with sufficent protein for hiking, meditation and yoga.

    How to Register

    All dates available are on the calendar above. When you have decided on a date and are ready to pay the retreat or retreat deposit, we ask that you to send an e-mail through the form above. From there we will confirm the date is availble. You may use the link below or we will send the payment links, medical forms, full itineraries and diet information by e-mail. It should not be any more than 12 hours before you hear back from our team.