Books: How to maintain an enlightened mind?

Ayahuasca Cusco – Everyone has the ability to maintain an enlightened mind. What really does it mean to be enlightened? When we talk about enlightened we are talking about a mind at peace, a mountain that no wind can move, wind being any type of dilemma. This sturdy mind then has time to be well-informed and educated.

To start the path to enlightenment for yourself begin by meditation Start simple, do not put any pressure on yourself, say today I am going to sit for 10 minutes, concentrate on my breathing and let my thoughts pass like trains in a station. If you find yourself lost in thought, be kind forgive yourself and try again later. You may start out at 5 minutes, move to 10, then 20 and gradually and hour. Do this everyday by making the time you need. If you have a meditation center in your city you may find guided meditation to help you break through to your next level. Most larger cities have a buddhist center offering free classes on meditating.

If you are seeking a profound meditation retreat we recommend vipassana. In these retreats you have the time to focus on your practice while your needs are taken care of. You can find out more about vipassana and meditation retreats at

Reading is as important as meditating to maintain an enlightened being. There are many texts you can choose from. It is best to find the avenue suited to your tastes and branch out from there. A good place to start would be books on buddhism or meditation. Book list below!

To have a healthy mind we must have a healthy body. Many buddhist monks practice disciplines. A discipline can be any type of exercise you do. Many Asian practices such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong or forms of karate can be a great aid in your path to enlightenment. Try and avoid any activity involving violence, they will be counter-productive. Practicing tantric yoga or tantric sex is an a large step in awakening your kundalini, chakras and if practiced responsibly another suggested discipline.

Last, but certainly not least. Playing any instrument, meditation instruments guitars, etc. All with the intention of connecting to your spirit through music is another way towards the light. Being on a path to enlightenment does not mean you will move to Tibet and begin vow of silence for most people. It means you are interested in connecting with your spirit and spirits around you on a higher vibration. The world needs more of this, do not be afraid to be your true spirit, the more you practice the more you will see the light.

  • Cutting through Spiritual Materialism by Chogyam Trungpa
  • Quiet Mind by Susan Piver
  • How to Meditate by Pema Chodron
  • The Ultramind Solution: Fix your broken brain by Mark Hyman
  • The Meditations of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius
  • Not Always So by Shunryu Suzuki
  • The Nine Rooms of Happiness by Lucy Danzinger

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